Thursday, April 2, 2009


Like all things, I have indeed gone a bit overboard with my knitting. I have three projects started, the yellow scarf, a black one for myself, a blue and white cap which is from a pattern, an actual pattern, and a beige...something on the circular needles. I always liked the idea of 'knitting on the round' and so far I suck at it as much as anything else, the difference being you don't have to purl, just knit and the rotation creates the purl. Wish I'd known that a few years ago when I gave up knitting because it was just too hard. Maybe I lost interest. I wasn't making any progress so I gave up. Of course as I sit here sipping my morning coffee I think, I'm not really very good at anything. So I sit here doubting myself and wondering what I'll screw up next....
Maybe I should try to learn something the right way, not just getting a book and fumbling around. ext time I try anything new I'll go to class, so I wont have to sit around wishing I had taken Home Ec instead of crafts.

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