Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Dealing with Stuff

I'm no good at dealing with things like..oh, emotions, loss, addiction, frustration. I am only now realizing how against my personality being confrontational is. And a lot of it depends on mood. Ugh, I don't even like myself. I miss my old cat in surprising ways, bumping into it when I stumble across her old grooming tools or a furball stuck to something.
Sick of this weather. More rain in store, looks like but at least I have to work so it wont be so bad.
My knitting is a lifesaver! I'm struggling through a rib knit scarf, only difficult because I forget what stitch to start with and frequently have to make a few tries to get it right. Started a cap to go with Heather's purple scarf that I made so long ago I don't even have a picture of it. I am doing what I can to stay sane.

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