Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Beautiful Sunny Day

I'm sitting here admiring the blue sky and breeze that makes me want to sort of go outside. I'm going to hustle around and get ready because I have to go pick up Ember and be ready for my Monday at work.
I have gotten a lot of knitting done. Made Bug a little cap. Working on the scarf to go with Emma's new boy's cap. I have a black scarf for myself on a pair of needles and a pretty orchid scarf for my friend Tabby. I plan to systematically make something for everyone I know.
My visit to mom and dad's was nice. No horrid comments about my knitting or my addition of a few pounds since I quit smoking. I did put on some weight but I've already lost close to half of it. It's very hard. I have to go back to the rules I established to initially lose about 95 pounds in the first eating heavily after work, not a lot of high calorie, fatty foods. Stay away from fast food and NO FRENCH FRIES! They are just soaked in fat. I gained about...oh, maybe twenty pounds when I quit smoking. I have about 11 to lose to get back to last good weight, which was tantalizingly close to my IBW. It never ends. You can't ever just stop being aware of what you eat or how it's going to affect your body. And really there's nothing better than being able to control yourself and fit into a pair of Size 12 Jrs...especially when you were once a Size 22 Big Fat Ass.

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