Monday, April 27, 2009

St. Francis

We have always gone to St Francis for our medical treatment. I like it there, the big pink monstrosity. We were in the Natalie Building today for Doug's spinal shot (which went better than he expected and was a profound relief) and I was required to drive him home because of the valium and the procedure itself. He hates anyone's driving but his own. I'll post the fabulous formal garden outside the waiting room at the surgical center. The doctor was great, too. I don't know, he's beeen sleeping most of the day except for our whirlwind trip to Walmart where I of course bought more yarn.
I'm making things for people I like and I'm thinking about writing a little card with each completed gift- Sarah B inspired me because I want to give her the scarf and little cap and tell her how much hope and respect I have for her., it sounds like a lot of work. Dude, I'm just trying to quit smoking.
It was so windy and gray today. It rained friggin' buckets. I hope it's nicer tomorrow.

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