Sunday, April 5, 2009

Knitting on the Round

This is something new for me and I'm not doing very well with it. Three times I had to unravel it because of twisting- something the instructions warned about- but now I have it straight, I think, and my cowl is on the way. I am inspired to try a cowl and a muff, both things that if you tell someone you work with what you are doing they either stare as if you've lapsed into Greek or snicker as though "muff" is something dirty.
Anyway, I keep going. I am enjoying new things, which is pretty good for someone my age. I think my hope is that, in the dead of a cold winter when I walk around swathed in my own knitwear, someone will say, oh where did you get that great scarf? I made it!
Of course I'm the type of person who will walk up and ask about something a total stranger is wearing. Cute shoes! Is that scarf knit or crochet? I can't help it. And sometimes people aren't completely in love with a stranger coming up to ask questions. They seem to understand I'm not quite normal.

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