Monday, April 20, 2009

Monday Morning

I am getting ready to start getting ready. That means I'm blinking a lot and drinking coffee. Gonna be a bit before I'm completely coherent.
It hasn't been great lately but I've been plugging along. Finished Vanna's scarf, working on a matching hat, did a few other hats of tiny size and decided I like a heavier, worsted weight thread much more than the skinny soft stuff I bought for maybe a baby blanket or something where the user would need soft material.
Getting over losing Ember hasn't been easy. She shared my room and board for 19 years. It seems like loving and losing pets should have some kind of life lesson in it but I'm too sad right now to dissect it.
Otis and Thelma have tried to step up and fill Ember's..paws..and I appreciate that. I do love them. Bug and I always say we are rich in cats. We aren't quite as rich now. Still plenty of dogs though!

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