Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I don't have one, do I? I've been making these hats and things for everyone I work with and I can only think of one deadline: WINTER. And it's half a year away. I am dangerously close to getting done. But then what? Maybe I'll adventure more into Fair Isle knitting. Maybe I'll try a big blanket in rib stitch. Maybe I'll make something I can wear a lot. Maybe I'll knit a car cover.
This morning I found my coffee not made. I panicked. My carafe had been broken and there was no way for me to have my morning brew. Disaster!!!!
I scoured the town for a coffee maker I didn't hate and found one less than a block from home. I purchased it post haste, washed it and made coffee, which I am drinking at two in the afternoon. It's delicious. The pot doesn't have the drip on the hot plate hiss my old one did. YAY!
I have done nothing on my days off. NOTHING. I need to catch up on all my laundry for work. I wear exclusively black, black pants, shirt jacket, socks....bright orange drawers though. I paint my nails black. I dye my hair black. I just look good in black. It's very slimming. And every bit in a pile by the washer.....
I have big plans regarding the dead marie costume, as well, involving bugle beads which I have owned for years and never figured out where to use. I am such a lazy ass.
So I need to get busy, start making some noise, do something productive. Maybe.

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