Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Just the scarf

I am now almost finished with my yellow and orange doctor seuss-like set of winter stuff. Just the scarf left to finished, and of course the scarf is the hardest part. Not the hardest but the most tedious. Especially a garter stitch. Ugh, it could take forever. Probably until it warms up. I even put the fringe on the finished edge so I wouldn't run out of yarn in the middle. Come on cold weather!
As for the rest of my life...well, it sucks. But. Whatcha gonna do?
I suppose it's time to talk about Angus, the Secret Dog. The one I've been hiding from my mother because she can't imagine why anyone would want one dog, much less three. But Blackie is getting old and we need a good watch dog, which, God bless her, Chloe is not. So Angus, he is the new generation. Part German shepherd, part something else. He is a snuggler, but not averse to sleeping on the floor by the couch when Chloe is lying on my neck making me choke. Which I adore. I love those dogs, these cats, all my animals.

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