Saturday, February 6, 2010


I did a hat for my friend Barb and the colors, beige, light blue and cream, looked like the beach to me, and it turned out well. The F and F scarf is...a trial. Real learning experience. I unraveled it and started over, did the cast-off a little closer to the pattern and started the bunch of yo, ssk, k2tog and other things- and a CHART!- that have me scanning the internet for help.
Working on Maggie's scarf, but Jamie asked if I would knit a blue baby scarf and hat for him. I will, natch! I can hardly wait! I love hats, hate the scarves. We'll see, I need a lot of variety. I have two projects on needles right now and am looking at a ball of blue yarn thinking, my hat knitters are free.....hmmm....

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