Saturday, February 13, 2010


I just finished Joyce Blue's hat, a lovely combination of cream, pinks and beige. I am wearing it, and reminded of my husband's joke that I wanted to share my cooties with everyone. Ha! My head sneers at cooties.
I am toying with a purple and green combo, needing to do it because I never have before. I like odd pairings, as is evidenced by my personal life.
Thelma is trying to dig in the trash. Little monster. She is the nosiest cat alive. Sniffing the pink princess, poking her paw at some garbage with the most serious look on her small cat face. So cute, such a wonderful companion!
Watched the Pixar movie Cars last night and what a great movie it was. It was just my speed, sweet, warm and a happy ending. Life is good.

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