Sunday, April 3, 2011

Broken Wing

Well my wing isn't broken but my right arm, shoulder and elbow are a misery! I think it all stemmed from a bad case of couch neck that's been going on for a couple weeks. Feels like YEARS. So I had a time when I couldn't even eat with my right hand. Now it's getting better and I need to get back to knitting, because it's been over a week since I've done anything. Anything!!!!! I think it's a record.
I hope to get a pink sweater going to go with a cute lil pink hat. I hope to do something with the shoe idea. But all I've done for a week is languish and watch TV. On the upside, I have completely gotten away from nicotine. I haven't had any nicorette in a while- couple weeks maybe, made the transition to regular chewing gum. It's a blessing to be free. And one I fully appreciate. Don't miss the highs and lows at all. I think it may be fully out of my system for the first time in five years. Even when I quit smoking I still chewed the gum. So. I did it! For once. March 2011 was a banner year for me and the demon tobacco.
I think I can keep it up.

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