Saturday, September 5, 2015

The Ill-Fated, Long Term Blanket

I don't know that I will ever make another baby blanket. I worked on it from April to June. I am delivering it TO HER MOM today. And the baby- gorgeous little baby- was born Wednesday.
So, yeah, I am cursed with... something.
Got a new phone last week, and I LOVE it. I mean, it's three thousand times better than my old smartphone. Hopefully I will be inspired to take a bunch of pictures of my work.
Still on the scarf. Honestly, there is nothing more boring or tedious than making a scarf. I think blankets aren't as bad. This is just going on and on. Took a day to knit the hat, and three months to do the scarf. YUCK. Of course it's seed stitch, which is tedious anyway. Knit pearl knit pearl. Pearl knit pearl knit....on and on, into eternity.
I am thinking about another hood/throw/scarf/cowl.....I don't know. It's going to be on big ass needles, and it's going to be for me. I am thinking of navy and buff...I often think of navy and buff!
I am really trying to get through work this week. I am on vacation next week, and will inevitably spend it watching the US Open and knitting.
I do plan on posting more pics- it's good to have some memories to look back on.
Hopefully some good ones.

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