Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Yarn Eater

I forgot how much yarn you use in the rib stitch. On big needles. The fabric created is heavy and thick of course but this is really going to take a couple skeins.
It's going pretty quickly but who knows when I'll finish since I haven't been taking it to work....I have a whole other project in my locker...the reversible cable knit scarf in a deep violet. I am reserving judgment on it at the moment because though it is on needles almost as big as the eplain rib, its not going as fast. Patience! Patience!
Its the first day of favorite season. Everything I love is in this season. And the first one I have to enjoy without my mom.
I suppose in a way it might be getting easier but still there are torturous memories and things I can't get out of my head. October will be my first birthday without her.
I miss her so much. I never thought I could live without her. Yet here we are. Look at me surviving and shit!
I've really started feeling old.

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