Saturday, May 23, 2009

Back to WORK

So today is my Monday and I am dreading it. It's a holiday weekend and usually we're busy with all the people out having fun. I figure Sunday will be the day we actually get our butts kicked. I hate Sundays. Here it is only Saturday and I'm already dreading it.
It'll be good to get back to other human beings, I guess. This has been a long touchy week. Anything bad could have happened and did. I am tired of being careful.
Upside, I've been working on the new costume, which is still a pile of random pieces of fabric pinned to the old dummy. The cats are fascinated by a new hiding spot and I just heard Thelma under it sneezing, slapping out at Otis and getting tangled in the tulle. I got the black tulle to go under the satin and make it poof out more but looking at it- I'd like to show it somewhere. I got 15 yards, .77 a yard at WalMart and the possibilities are endless!

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