Monday, May 18, 2009

Beautiful Again!

It's gorgeous today and we spent it going to the Dr. He was pleased with Bug's progress and we can have more shots as he needs them. I took him to lunch at Carino's (A+, lovely service and food good.) Then we came home and I dug through some closet stuff in search of fabric for my Halloween costume, which is Dead Marie Antoinette, all black and shiny. I want to make a hat for the big wig. Plans plans plans! I have a lot of things to do. Working on Cindy's shades of green scarf and thinking who I'll make for next. It really kind of depends what mood I'm in, really, as to what I'll attempt. But once it's started it has to be finished. I'm like that with everything. Maybe that's wy it takes me awhile to make up my mind.
So far it's a great little stretch off. I'll be starting the very little laundry I have and cleaning. Funfunfun.

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