Sunday, May 17, 2009


I hate the look of that word- migraine..and I hate having them. I haven't suffered from one since November of last year, and the one that sneaked up on me yesterday was an unwelcome, feared visitor from hell. I am scared of those headaches- headache isn't even a word that fits what goes on. I get them through my left eye, starting in the upper inside corner close to my nose, then they crawl over the back of my head, and if they make it to my neck it's deadly.
I went to work and then came right home yesterday, which I hate to do, but the migraines are incapacitating, there's not way around it. They SUCK and I can usually manage them, avoid the food triggers and other things...maybe I thought since I quit smoking I could let up on the things I have to stay away from. Not so, I suppose. Oh well. I have that drifting, weird feeling today which is the aftermath of a migraine, maybe the powerful drug to get rid of it. I hope it goes away but I have the feeling, little sharp stabs behind my eye, that it will try to come back. I hate them, they are miserable. People don't understand them, and you look like a nut when you have one. My husband had to put my seatbelt on me yesterday, the sun was hammering nails into my eyes and my sunglasses felt like they were squeezing an open wound. I hate anyone seeing me like that.
It figures. This is my Friday, I am off for a few days and I'll tiptoe around scared of a headache. Great.

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