Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Good Deeds

I try to be a decent person, mostly due to a Christian upbringing, guilt and all, and I especially try to help my folks out. I vacuumed yesterday, then rode nearly 4 hours home, then had to sweep and mop my own home due to a puppy related incident that involved Angus and Chloe escaping their enclosure and going on a rampage. Good to report my first reaction to seeing the carnage- or rug-age, as it was mostly a rug of Blackie's, was to laugh.
But my back hurt when I was finished and it's killing me now, too. Rats! Couple days ought to settle it down.
Next trip dogs are scheduled for outdoors! Except Blackie, who is good. He must have been totally freaked out by the puppies tearing stuff up. Of course he would never help them. Never!

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