Friday, November 13, 2009

I love HATS!

I am still not tired of hats. I'm working on a white one for Tahmra's man James, who is a real sweetie. I think it'll look great on him, and I want to cable it all fancy like. Though the scarf is simple. I am having a hard time telling different shades of cream/white/ecru/eggshell or whatever ivory, beige, off-white are. It's kind of sad. And red gets me. Is it crimson, vermilion, rust, raspberry? It's red. Ok?
Today I start 1-9 and I am as nervous as a schoolgirl. I keep thinking, this will be a new era in productivity!
I worry about eating late- I already aim for a light snack after work, instead of a big meal. But now, going in at 1pm, I'll have to get used to an earlier large meal and keep to a plain sandwich or yogurt or crackers after work. Who knows, I might start an exercise regime! It could happen. Maybe.
I do need to hit the elliptical trainer. I bought it. It's in there. I have a damn i-Pod, to make it interesting. Why don't I get off my butt and do it now, or even at 1am when I used to be home getting ready for bed? Because I am so lazy. I have to face it. I am a slug. Maybe I can do something about that. Slinking by on the bare minimum, knitting all the time is no way to go through life.
But I have all these hats I have to make....

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