Tuesday, February 8, 2011

More Storms

I am no good at winter, but this one has been an especially bad bee-otch. There are more inches of snow in the forecast and I'm already dreading shoveling - though I shoveled nothing the last time around, sat in a hat and bathrobe and blanket with a sinus infection, under a pile of dogs. That's a pretty good day off at the best of times.
Finished the hood for my nephew and started another for Bug, who has worn the first one I made a lot.
The bad thing about this weather is it throws you into hibernation mode- eat and sleep. And let me tell you the scales have reflected quite accurately what my jeans have been telling me for a week. I'm going to get hugely fat if I don't put the brakes on right now. And I refuse to be fat. Life isn't kind to big girls, and it's a constant pain to bear so much weight. My poor ole feet can't take another round of toting 270+ pounds.
So, I'm counting calories, trying to stay away from fatty foods and pop. All weak points with me. I did it once, and the idea of starting all over as a gigantic size 22 just fills me with terror. I can barely squeeze into 14s so it's time to get back on the diet horse. Oh well. Last time I started smoking shortly after making the commitment. This time...I'll just knit when I get hungry or crave a smoke.

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