Monday, February 21, 2011


The dark orchid hat and cardigan didn't go as I expected. Boo! The little hat is small but cute but the needs some work. I just gave up for now.
Well, it's official. After making about thirty spelling errors on the above part of the post, I realize I can't do shit without my glasses. I had to locate and put them on my face.
So,Bug bought me the shocking pink yarn I requested (and a lovely stuffed bear) and I am thinking of Rita's pink bikini. I hope it's as adorable as I plan. I'm also working on a yellow top to go with the little hat I made. I started with a ruffled bottom, then started the top to make it a short sleeved sort of sweater. I tried to add a row of open lacework and boy did that turn out ugly, so I stopped, went to sleep and figured I'd have a better handle on it this morning. I do. It has to go. I'll take it down to the junction of flaring ruffle and see what I can come up with. It's cute as can be though.
It's my Friday and I am not doing a lot on my weekend except cleaning, laundry and knitting. And FISHING! I want to try my new pole. I'll have to get a new license, since mine expired 12-21-10. Last year I didn't get it until summer. I'm going to have my money's worth this year.

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