Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I incorporated ruffles into a little tunic in baby yellow to go with a little cabled tam. Problem was, I only feel comfortable knitting ruffles from the top down, and sweaters from the bottom up. So I knit the bottom, with the sweet little ruffle, then picked up the cast on stitches and started the sweater....there's a distinct nearly open lacework pattern which I deplored until Cindy suggest I thread some ribbon around it, and make it part of the design. Good idea Cindy.
Started Rita's bikini in shocking pink. Some problems, because I am rib stitching the edges to keep it from rolling around. But..it'll be cute. Still thinking about trying to come up with my own tankini type design. We'll see.
I haven't been sewing at all. I love it, but, like knitting, I sometimes think I'm just not very good.
Life has been happier for me the last few weeks. I don't know, maybe some of the bill-pressure off. I kind of think I can sail this ship somehow. At least everyone but SFMC are off my back. For now. Who knows about next year?
It's cold and icky out right now. Don't know what I'll do with my day off.

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