Sunday, March 27, 2011

Cool Hat for Curtis

I made Curtis a beautiful little beanie in blue and black. It's gorgeous, with a bit of checkerboard and lovely stripes. I had to make him one because he owns one of my originals, when I didn't even know how to make the rib stitch brim, and it just rolls up all over and really they were small.
I guess I've been knitting for awhile. It doesn't seem like I've made much progress. I can't do anything really fancy. Booties and baby sweaters.
I have a big, disgusting cold. I feel horrid. I will not miss work. I haven't called out this year (It's only March) and though I had to take an emergency day when the car was in the shop, I don't want to be home sick with this plague. And it IS a plague. My throat is more sore than I ever remember, except with tonsillitis. It sucks. And the couch neck I got is kind of settling into my shoulder and arm today. I suck. Screw it. I'll make it.

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