Sunday, March 6, 2011

It's the Ears

Working on a tiny cap with bear ears. The ear I knitted yesterday looks nothing like a bear ear. No idea what the hell happened. Boo. So. It begins again. Another ear, not pointy and catlike, which is what the one I knitted yesterday turned out to be.
Nothing interesting happened lately except I did run over my right hand ring finger with my sewing machine needle. Startled more than anything. Not like last time when it went all the way through, just a flesh wound. But it did make me stop.
Oh, yeh, and everything went completely wrong, Friday and onward. I made it better by purchasing a pack of smokes, which I no longer need but still have and secretly smoke. It's godawful, the hold this has on me. Crap. I'm not making a habit of it though.

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