Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I am so SICK or knitting white. I'm working on the second try of a baby doll blanket. The first one was so hideous I had to dismantle it. I mean, HIDEOUS. And actually I think I might have tried the pattern before, so I should have known but Gah! I hated hated hated it.
So, Jamie's supposed to be bringing me pink yarn for a baby set for his niece. I am eager to make something beautiful and sweet.
It's been a right laugh riot round these parts. I am sending positive thoughts to Japan, and thinking about the Extreme Super Moon we'll be having this Saturday. Wish I could just hide somewhere. Really.
The car cost a hundred bucks, thank God- it would have been about six hundred without all the warranty.
Ah! Well! I guess I'll keep going. I usually do. I'm thoroughly sick of everything I've been doing lately. Though I have been working out regularly! Surprise.

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