Friday, April 27, 2012

I Am An Imbecile

I worked for months on that damn lace pattern and I've finally gotten it. I am iffy about repairing mistakes, but I can at least back up a row, and there are fewer mistakes to deal with. I made a hat, scarf and wrist warmers in a baby yellow which it will probably never be cool enough to wear in my lifetime, but I am reasonably happy. Got my new glasses and while they are great for laptop, knitting and reading, the computer at work is a challenge. The bifocal lens is so low, I am doing a lot of shifting up and down. I don't know. Maybe the no lines would have been better.. I fear how they affect going down stairs. If I ever have the chance to post me wearing the yellow lace ensemble, I will but I went right into the baby blanket- 217 stitches and easy, supposedly. Bah. It has been over two months. Let's see if I can complete it. I am pleased so far, but I have about oh, eight inches or so, probably. I have seen a few more stitches on the weekly stitch that I want to try. If they are all as hard as this one was, I will be working on it for the rest of my life.

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