Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Percocet Throw

I had surgery the 19th of March and during that time decided to try a new pattern. It was a Bernat pattern for a baby blanket (Two out of four for skill level) with 217 stitches of yarn over, psso and k2tog. Brilliant. I wielded my needles bravely with the fine white yarn, and did that thing where I kept unraveling about three dozen times and had trouble even casting on 217 stitches let alone not making mistakes on a weird lace pattern...eventually admitting defeat and then morphing the pattern into a very wide scarf- 67 stitches on #6 needles. Ugh. It started out iffy and got more so....until I had about 2and a half feet of wobbly, lurching knit. After some soul searching, I gave up and it is in a pile of hideousness somewhere in my sewing room. I took it about half apart, mourning the crooked rows and the drug-induced desire to start it at all after a procedure.
BUT! I did learn how to do the stitch..mostly. I learned it so that I can correct errors, mostly. I started, on #1 needles in a subtle sparkly black Bug bought me for the ill-considered and poorly executed Panda Hat....so, I am seeing a rather wide but dense lace emerge in uniform rows. I have learnt the stitch and I will be able to use the scarf in the fall. I feel like all that work was at least productive in that I learned the lace stitch.
I have about, oh a good five or six inches of good scarf started. I will re-do the white again, someday, maybe in all 217 stitches...
As I wrote this I finished unraveling the white monstrosity, and I look forward to the day when I really can follow a pattern like a real knitter.....
Oh why didn't I take Home Ec back when I was 14 like all the other girls? It has seriously impacted my entire life. I never knew I was going to want to sew and cook and knit. I never knew I wasn't going to be a bass player in a traveling band. I had no idea I was going to fall in love with a needle completely different from the hypodermic one I figured I'd die with in my arm at 21 or 22.
Ah, youth! I Suppose we all have these little regrets when we're nearing the half century mark mark and looking back.

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