Friday, April 13, 2012


Not only is the scarf coming along nicely, it's my Tuesday and I managed to survive yesterday rather well. Took the dogs walking-- and it's much nicer now that for the most part it isn't like being dragged and jerked along a washboard. They are so smart. If we were as smart as they are, we'd all be trained by now and the world would be a better place. I am thinking about making a hat to go with the scarf, now that I have gotten to where I haven't screwed the pattern up in awhile. And when I have, I've managed to fix it...and I love yellow. Again, since we're coming into summer, and global warming is making my winter wardrobe unnecessary, I guess this is just to keep me from smoking again. By the way, I really did quit this has been 5 completely smoke free days and before that I was sneaking in two or three a day at work. The tapering off seemed to help...the last cigarette I thought, you know I'm tired of this. And surely with my sad history of addiction maybe this time goodness and mercy shall follow me. On another note, since my ordination in the ULC I have been asked to perform my good friend Nancy's wedding. I am of course nervous and excited-- and wouldn't it be freakin' awesome to have a part time gig doing various weddings? I mean, as serious as I am about the idea and philosophy of the institution, it would be awesome to impart some of my knowledge, which, after 26 years, I have a lot! I admit, the first time I did the ULC thing- back in 01 or 02, it was just a joke. But the second time it was more serious. I can't really see it going places, but it would be cool. My title is Officiant, and I am the Reverend Berry. How cool is that? I suppose I will have a marvelous day at work. I plan to anyway.

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