Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Took Chloe in to be spade. I love that little dog, she is so smart and sweet. Can't wait to get her home.
The wait to go fetch her has been endless, despite the riveting Wimbledon action going on. The match between Andy Roddick and Hewitt has been amazing. Hewitt is quite the old man, in tennis terms. In tennis terms someone my age would be dead, no good even for doubles. It took me some time to grow into Hewitt, but I now like him. I hope Andy wins though. I'd like to see an American do well in the tournament.
Yeah so I'm still waiting for the call, thinking about my dear, sweet little dog. She likes to sleep on the couch with me, she snuggles against my legs and snores, and hates to be disturbed when she is napping. We couldn't feed her after 10pm last night and she probably wont be hungry when we do get her home.
I have been truly blessed with good animals. Dandy is sleeping right next to my chair as I write, the cats keep each other and me entertained. And Black is one of the best dogs, the last link to Spice. Now if I can just get my little Chloe-bell home I'll be happy.
Knitting....well, I've been knitting non-stop. I suppose it helps. Learning to keep my stitches even on the round, rib stitch. Working on a beige hat for my boss.
Phone just rang, Chloe is done, I am on my way.

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