Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Megrims

I don't know where I heard the term "summer megrims" but for years I've used to for describing sick in July. My summer megrims have involved my stomach going batshit on me, though 'megrim' is actually a migraine. I may have heard that from my mom. Her mother was born in 1896 so Victoria was still alive and well in those days.
I am up early, having destroyed my latest attempt at Justin's scarf..I mean, DAMN I just can't get it right. I am trying some different things. a garter stitch border and stockinet field, with some random squares going along. Then I'm hoping to incorporate some cables, a narrow one, or series of them. Jeez I am really trying hard. I hope I stumble across something I can live with.
I think we're going to Poteau today so I can knit in the car. Sad!
Sometimes I feel like I'm extra stupid and sloppy, but I'm doing better than I was six months ago. It's already so much easier- my ability to fix small mistakes has grown, and now I can look at the fabric and know whether to knit or purl. See? I'm an idiot. I think I would have benefitted from someone who knits being around.
Isn't it odd that crochet hooks are mandatory in knitting- and yet crochet never needs a knitting needle. (Shaking head slowly) Hm.
I need to get busy, though there is a cat on my lap- one named Thelma Lou, and she is being nice for once.

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