Thursday, July 16, 2009


Mom has gotten me a dozen skeins of yarn, or thread as we call it! She got it on sale for $2 and I will be stocked up for a while- yay! I love my mom. She is the most thoughtful person I've ever known and I feel lucky to have her. Especially when we look at the kind of illnesses she's had. The last appendix thing was touch and go for awhile. No one ever likes you as much as your mom!
She has always encouraged me in my hobbies- and now that I'm trying really hard to knit better it's even impressing her a bit. Cables! Easy and amazing!
I do have a long way to go. My work is still lumpy and haphazard, but I will keep trying. It's vastly rewarding to create something useful and pretty. I like doing it. I realize it keeps me from smoking, eating and gambling. Three of of my favorite things. So I better keep at it.

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