Thursday, October 8, 2009

A Rainy Morning

Brought the dogs in because it's drizzling out there. Steady, sleeping drizzle. I am going to do that, mostly so I can get to work today...though I feel awful, and my stomach hasn't really been tested by eating much. I am tired, but filled with resolution.
Today I put bids on 4 positions, being 10-6 and 1-9. The rest look pretty much like 6-2 and I know I don't want that. With days off during the week this might be a great change!
I don't know. I am a creature of habit. Feeling so bad I haven't been able to knit even. Just sleeping and sleeping. Maybe I'll start feeling better. I don't know whether to blame bad water, flu shot Friday, Third time a charm Pizza or what. I know I don't want pizza for a long time. Or a flu shot!

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