Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Swine! And Makeup

Oh, dear, the swineflu is making me all anxious and finding my mind cast back to Stephen King's The Stand....and of course I think about all the stuff in the stores I could have, FREE! Because I would naturally live through the flu and set myself up in a big cave with a treadle sewing machine...I'd be the Rose Bertin of the post-apocalyptic future, designing fashions for the mutants left...oh, wait, swine flu, not nuclear bomb.
In my quest for a makeup that doesn't cost $17 (my old age makeup by loreal. I like it well enough but it's so pricey.) Of course, price isn't the issue is it? I want the foundation of youth, that covers up the ravages of time and doesn't settle into wrinkles and scars! I got Maybelline Dream Mousse (WHY do I fall for the fancy names?) and it's right on as far as color. I can always find the putty, taupe shade that's very pale with Maybelline. But the texture of this makeup is so gross- reminds me of that Almay stuff I tried and broke out all over. I mean, damn, who in the world needs so much grease that it never dries and looks like I'm sweating like a pig all the time.
I saw a method online for mixing mineral makeup with your tinted moisturizer for more opacity and tried it, since God knows I have all kinds of stuff laying around. I don't think I used enough powder, because this feels like I put olive oil all over. I am afraid I will be disgusting in a couple days. More disgusting.
Knitting, on top of all this.

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