Wednesday, October 28, 2009


After a week of constant rain (ok, one day didn't rain but I was cleaning house so I didn't get to look at it) today is sunny and windy. I am enchanted with the gold and blue morning out there! I love clouds, though, and all their shapes and types but a clear sky today is better than all the mammatus.
I was running around cleaning things and moving boxes in closets when dad called to my mom, come look at these clouds. I raced for my camera, and admired the sky after a storm had rolled through. No one enjoys a good bunch of clouds more than I do. I predict weather with clouds, my most famous prediction being, "Fish scales. Rain's coming in!" I can't explain why or where I learned this, but it's pretty accurate. Of course I live in Oklahoma. I could say anything (Fish scales. Gonna be windy- hot-cold-snowy...) and I could be close.
Ah! So much to do!

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