Friday, January 15, 2010


My list of hats continues to grow and yet my stock of on-hand yarn is dwindling. I was hoping not to have to buy yarn for awhile but turns out people all like the same colors. I have a lot of baby blue, and some random colors, but people seem to like dark blue, red, purple and pink. We know what we look good in!
The green hat is suitable for a small head. I think I'll just start keeping bad hats around for emergency hat distribution for kids! It's beautiful but barely fits my big ass head.
I am in the middle of many projects, many things going on, as well as the usual trying to keep up with laundry, the house ( and it suffers the worst because I feel like I'm not here much to worry about it!) and bills. Proud to say all my bills are paid- or scheduled to be on the next payday. I hope I can keep being organized (!) and responsible. I'm 45. I ought to be.

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