Saturday, January 16, 2010

Thanks A GLOCK Lyle!

My little discussed enthusiasm for firearms isn't a big part of my current life, but when I was younger I very much enjoyed target practice and blowing up things. I have a friend at work who a=has all kinds of cool Glock promotional items and he has given me and Bug a boatload of cool Glock things- keychains, patches, pins, pens, little guns keychains made out of the same genius polymer Glocks are made of! COOL! I am going to make his wife a scarf in deepest gratitude. I was looking at the Flit and Float scarf on Knitty but that looks too hard, so I'm going through my dwindling stash to find a good color to do. I hate scarves anymore, because they take so long. But this is a labor of love.

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