Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Stupid Blue Hats

I'll be working on blue hats for a bit because I have so much blue yarn. Finished Richard's, which was a pill because I hat to re-do the top to make it more roomy at the crown. I threw the whole mess in the floor at one point, skinny double pointed needles jangling on the tile, my fury knowing no bounds. Stupid double pointed needles. Stupid Jane!
It's cold here- brrrr cold. I am thoughtful, going over the varying situations of my life in my mind. I don't know but I hope this year is better than last. Had the stupid doctor appointment yesterday and I've got an even stupider colonoscopy on the 20th. Yay. I hate this. It will be bad because of all the expense and stuff, I will come up fine, nothing wrong, why is everybody so worried. Waste of time, money and two days off.

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