Friday, July 2, 2010


I started this blog as 'nervous knits' because of the quitting smoking thing. I was delighted to focus on something other than cigarettes. I had lost about 94 pounds, and I was ready for a change. Then I found out my knitting sucked, and changed the title to "Bad Bad Knitter" because I was one.
Since then I have battled the weight, and since quitting smoking in May I have put on a few pounds which I am trying desperately to lose, and my knitting isn't that bad. So I feel, to inspire me and make a change, that I am going to edit the title of my blog. I'm gonna be "One Bad Knitter". Since I am one.

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POD said...

Thanks for making your "hairy" comment especially when you got off on the armpit air. I was cracking up, clumping deodorant. Very funny stuff.

I'm keeping my brows to a dull roar. I did not write about how I had electrolysis on them for years to get them divided.

I tried knitting but I'd have to use a 5x mirror to see the needles and yarn. Good way to keep your weight down though. If you're in the middle of a project, are you even considering dessert? I doubt it. The knitters diet.

Thanks again - and comment more often.