Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Yarn Shortage

I'm running out of yarn. *sigh*
I have plenty to do something with, of course, but all the colors are browns, greens and some weird off whites that don't match each other. I can't yarn shop for now, certainly, so maybe I'll come up with something amazing to make in the colors I have.
Working on a green and white stocking cap. It's soft wool, I think the kind Tabby gave me, even though when I was picking through the basket I thought it was brown. I am really going blind. Last night I had to put my glasses on to read Gutenberg online. Ugh! What next? I keep asking that and it keeps getting answered with more and more awful things.
If I can get through July. I swear, someday I will take the whole month of July off, hide in the house and never come outside again.

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