Monday, March 22, 2010


I am working on a scarf in a checkerboard pattern for Ben. I hope it's as cool as I think it will be.
I am half through Pam's Tam. I love pink and green. I am slugging through the cowl- which I hope I wont need for six months or more. The bamboo needles are new and not smooth. It's kind of not my best looking knitting, and I really think it's the new needles. My old hat knitters are shiny and worn. My big hat circulars are metal and they are smooth. I might look into getting more. Who knows? I have plenty of knitting stuff. I need to secure a source of income from my knitting and keep at it. I love these hats though, they are so cute.
Tried some crocheted flowers, and they are so cute. I think I can get really wild with them. Going to put them on a thin green scarf, to wear with a sweater or even a tee. So cute, I can't wait to get started, and here I am trying to clean house. I thinned the closet of 20's and 18's. Found some pants that fit again! Yay! Black pants are most my wardrobe.
I like my little house.

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