Saturday, March 6, 2010


Oh, woe is me! The Mo Hat, for my favorite mohawk wearing tech Brandon is being...difficult. Upside, nearly finished with the gloves for Mara, (Just need to sew in thumbs) sitting here with the yarn picked out for Pam's hats- one shades of brown, the other burgundy black and maybe beige. But, though the little hat knitter circulars are sitting here on my laptop, I still look at the mohat- which looks like a weird train wreck off needles, sitting in the basket with a bunch of other stuff.
I think I need to do some revamping. I had the idea to make flame-like points which would narrow to the top of the head and come together like...I dunno. Like something that would let Brandon's magnificent 'hawk shine through.
Lost a yellow dpn and then found it. I am so pitiful!
We had performance artist David Garibaldi at the casino last night. He was amazing!

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