Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Working Very Hard

I am not only knitting but also trying to make a mental note of what I want to display to catch people's eye and make them long madly for my knits. I am in dire need of wig heads, those little price tags and time. Time! Tomorrow is April Fool's Day. Great.What a day to start a business. Maybe not a 'business' but certainly my favorite thing, 'busy-ness'.
I am going to the bank at 8am, for depositing purposes. I have to be at work at noon. Had a weird dream about work, too, which is not normal. I hope I feel better than I did last week. Stomach all asunder!
Part of it is, the more I eat the worse I feel. If I can stay with fruits, veggies and lean meats I will be much happier.
Painted my nails OPI Vampire State Building, which is a grand color. I need to fill them but, it's the time factor again. I drove home from MO yesterday and by the time I got back I was tired and not wanting to do a lot.
Bug is having back surgery in four to five weeks....ugh. He's a mess. I can't even go into what a mess!
I need to throw on sweats and a hat- the green and purple one- to run to the bank. Money money money.

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