Saturday, November 6, 2010

Hats In Motion

Ok so they're not exactly in motion, but I am knitting really fast and...did I mention that I quit smoking? Again? Well I have quit, again, as of Wednesday. I'm shaking my head as I type this, thinking, I've quit a couple dozen times, but I am using the internet for some help- oh, GOD it's so hard! I hate not smoking. lungs sound like a kitten purring. My dad died a year ago this month due to the delicious and deadly habit. I wish I could change things but I can't so I'll have to keep trying to not join him. Plus...the smell of stale smoke, the disgusting ashtrays, the foul taste in your mouth when you put one out...ugh. And it's a five dollar a day habit here in Oklahoma. I want to funnel all my smoking energy back into knitting. And not get fat. And not go nuts. I am chewing the nicotine gum, which is almost better than smoking- all the burning but not in your lungs. We'll see. All I can do is try yet again.
I finished two hats of the four Connie asked for- and they are so cute I wish I could keep them. I have big plans for hats. Because hats are awesome.
Here's the sad part....I am running out of yarn, refuse to buy more and have unraveled a few experimental items to keep the current projects going. Maybe that's not sad, then, but brilliant. And desperate!

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