Thursday, November 25, 2010


Thanksgiving Day is never much of a holiday for me- I have always had to work, at least for the last ten years, and dad died last year, though it was almost midnight- was it a 7 day? Can't remember. Good. I don't need to remember.
So I'm delighted to report I got a Janome Sew Mini to work on the doll's clothes and it seems to be a solid little machine. I needed something little enough to do the small armholes and stuff.
Knitting Ruby's grand daughters hats and scarves out of Bonbon Print, which is a color combo that reminds me of puked up bubble gum and birthday cake ice cream. I've got one hat and scarf finished, two more to go. Also finished Bug's open face cold weather helmet liner hat thing that he likes. Made a red and green stocking hat and now on the sweater for the bigger doll.
So I'm busy, as usual. And the good thing about working on a holiday is, everyone feels sorry for you and yet you don't have to cook!

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