Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Three and a HALF Hats

This non-smoking isn't as bad as I feared. I mean, it's bad and all, fer real, but hopefully it's worth it. I can start up some other time, after my lungs heal up and I don't feel so crappy. I hope I can avoid them for the rest of my life. How long or short that may be.
I have pre-op today in a couple hours, it's my day off and I have a lot to do, among them finishing the hats for Connie. I have three complete and the 4th I'm wondering if I should re-do that green and yellow one, which is gorgeous and deserves a better life than as a mistake. So, maybe that's what I'll be up to.
It astounds me that some people can say, "I'm just not a hat person, I never wear hats."
I am shaking my head, thinking, that's just fucking crazy! Who can not wear hats? What about the cold, or sun, or-or- ARE YOU CRAZY? Any kind of foreign object that comes into my hands, first thing I do is see if it can be used as a hat. Things that can be used as hats that are not hats....flower pots, buckets, any length of fabric, bath towels, those plastic collar things your dog gets from the vet.
I guess that's probably weird.
Oh well!
It's a good day, maybe I'm looking optimistically at this surgery, praying it will help.

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