Saturday, November 13, 2010


So I've lived through my surgery, none the worse for wear not counting the huge ass bruise around my bellybutton.
Got my bonus today and must extend my deepest gratitude to the corporation that has allowed me to put food on the table the last 81/2 years. Good bonus, all caught up, everything good. I am so relieved, and probably a bit weird thanks to the drugs Doc sent me home with.
It was funny, as I lay on the table waiting for the anesthesiologist I was looking up at all the masked faces around me, and when the drug girl came in she said, "Is this a typo? How old are you, Mrs. B? You can't be 45!" I answered I was actually 46. She said, "I figured you were around 32." "I love you." I announced.
So here I present a pic from the web cam of the hat mostly- I made a band and bow for it since I highly doubt I'll be doing anything adventurous, like fixing my hair or putting makeup on.
At the drug store I picked up some Revlon Lip Stain in Crave- it's been on since around noon, still pretty fresh.
I'm off until Thursday...maybe not the wisest course as far as benefit time but I don't think I can walk a lot right now, and then of course Doc is talking yanking out the old uterus....I'll do what I have to, I guess. *sigh*. This Oxy stuff they have me on makes it impossible to sleep. More than a few hours at a time, anyway. But it helps the pain. So does not coughing! So glad I quit smoking again. For now. Maybe forever!

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