Wednesday, August 26, 2009

August Oddness

This has been the weirdest and most beautiful August I've ever seen in Oklahoma, and apparently in Missouri. Everything is as green as springtime, and though it's been 106 in other parts of OK we were a lovely 90!
I am hoping today is a better day- had migraine and other issues on days off, still don't feel very well. Mom and dad think all my troubles have come from quitting drinking coffee. I don't think so, because when I was drinking coffee I would pour a cup and forget it. Dump it out, get another cup, have a couple sips, forget it. Forget it and find the pot still half full. Not smoking makes coffee a waste of time. Unfortunately, that I am scared of their water isn't something I feel up to telling either of them.
I wish I could skip this whole mess and go right to oblivion.
That's not an option, of course, not with the WhoScarf project and so much to do. I bought red yarn and plan to use it for so many things. I hope today doesn't suck as much as this morning has.

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