Sunday, August 2, 2009

No Coffee

I haven't had coffee since Tuesday, so I figure I can quit drinking it for good. Not that I had a problem with it but I do know caffeine is bad and I don't want to do anything bad for me. Ha ha ha. I also have tried so hard to quit Pepsi.....there is a whole story. I wont go into it but at times my password is, pepsi4me or pepsi4u....I love it. DELICIOUS! Oh, bad for you, bad for you.
Last night at work I was gifted with the coolest hat EVER, a patrol cap, with a beautiful pin and it's all the way from Iraq, given by the dear son of a dear friend. I get tears in my eyes thinking about what heads those hats shelter, young uns far from home, brave, good souls, just kids- but what kids! God bless our troops from all wars.
Perish the asshole son of a bitch teacher I had in high school who called our armed forces "Welfare in Uniform". I hate that fucker for even putting that in people's heads, when our soldiers in times of peace or war go willingly to make the same sacrifice. As the proud daughter of a proud veteran I feel deeply respectful and aware of those defending our freedom and protecting us. USA! USA!

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