Thursday, August 13, 2009

It's my Monday

I am ready to go back to work. Though my days off were great and all, it's time to get back on a schedule.
Had such a good visit with my sister. We don't get to see each other much but when we do, we're just the same as always. I was glad to see the folks doing pretty well, too. Now if we just get my household in order, things will be terrific!
I bought more gold satin for the costume- washed it and folded it. I've got the dress pretty much made in my head, including the hat. But so far nothing done, just pinned together. I am eager to start but just can't make the time what with all the knitting.
Made a cable hat for a child, then a pair of mittens. So far I have one done, without the thumb, and about half through the other. I was done but found a flaw....several flaws...hell, it was all jacked up! I keep looking over patterns but none of them seem to be logical to my weird head. I'll keep trying. Next one I'll actually follow a pattern.
I made the kangaroo hat and discovered Thelma is terrified of it. She would lay her ears down and run when I put it on, then come right back the minute I took it off. Lots of fun with that last night!

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