Saturday, August 1, 2009

Not too bad

Went to the doc office today and they took some blood, screening for...oh, lots of things I guess. One of the problems is liver enzymes, and the doctor said that might be caused in part by my spectacular no-smoking weight gain. I was pleased to note I have lost about 10 pounds of it. Oh, well! I don't know what's worse, fat or sick! Fat. No, sick. No, fat. Oh, tossup. I don't want to be either.
The bad thing is, I know about calories and diets. I used to do that for a living. Nothing has changed since I got out of it. I know you have to use more than you take in to lose. Back to counting every calorie.
I quit drinking coffee. Started drinking reduced calorie Gatorade. Maybe, maybe I will start to feel better.
As for knitting, about which this is supposed to be, I am still on Justin's scarf- the short side though. Who knows how long that will take.

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