Monday, August 10, 2009

Packing it Up

I should be running around but I can't get motivated. Once I start I'll be ok but starting is proving to be a challenge. I need to pack and render myself dressed and see to the animals and Bug.
First thing this morning I was hugging Chloe and she flopped her head and popped me in the mouth. I figure the whole day will be like that.
I finished the mittens. I've done worse. I think I will attempt another pair, in a different size and dimension. I have to laugh at myself.
I need to get more serious about patterns. I WILL! Seat of the pants sewing and knitting is great but using a real pattern always produces the best results. Lazy not to do it. But you have to read it, then figure it out, then start it all and see if it's right. There is some satisfaction of grabbing some yarn and taking off.
I just decided I would make a few cardboard hands and come up with my own mitten pattern. We'll see.
Part of my difficulty with patterns is my problem with needle size. My hat knitters started out in life being one size (Which I can't even remember what that is) and due to Chloe's chewing and the regular demands of business (I sanded them down to get them closer to the size of my double pointed needles.) I don't know WHAT they are.
I just started a kangaroo hat for Tabatha at work. She is a great dresser upper, soon-to-be-married all around good girl. But I looked up some photos of kangaroos and they are not cute and cuddly. They are all gross and rodent-like. Eeeew. I might look up baby pictures. All babies are cute, no matter the species. Even humans!

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